Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Being Honest

I love reading the discussions going on in the wide world of blogging right now about being honest with your readers. Here are a few I have read:

On that note I want you, my readers, to understand where I am coming from.  I am NOT an awesome sewer.  I see so many beautiful sewing projects out there and wonder if I will ever be able to sew those things.  I started sewing when one of my mom's friends offered to teach me how to sew in exchange for some babysitting/ being a mother's helper.  I made my mom a pair of oven mitts for Christmas. They were terrible.  I didn't have very much patience for sewing and got frustrated easily.  My next sewing project was making a skirt for a church event.  That project was more successful and was pretty simple to accomplish.  I had one big rectangular piece of fabric and elastic for the waistband (my hem was crooked and sewing in the elastic was no picnic but it worked).  My third project was a purse and this time I had a pattern and wanted to figure out how to sew it on my own.  I ended up getting super frustrated after assembling it incorrectly and having to pick out the stitches several times.  I wanted the purse to be perfect, it eventually looked like a purse.  My fourth project was a pair of pajama pants.  I had help with this one and some very wise ladies from church to teach me.  I learned a lot from them about how to read a pattern and selecting fabrics.  The pants turned out pretty well and I still own them.  While sewing them I had numerous frustrations about where to sew and how the pattern fit together. I did end up picking out my stitches several times.  I came to the realization that I can NOT sew when I am frustrated, irritated, in a hurry or upset.  I tend to take it out on my sewing machine and the project I'm working on which results in me picking out stitches, which also frustrates me further.  I have learned to just walk away from my project and come back to it later.  Yesterday while sewing the quilt top for the beginners quilt tutorial my husband started to bug me and I got really frustrated.  The corners where the fabric meets were off center and I had to stop, pick out the stitches and put my project away. (Not to mention we were packing our hotel room that we called "home" for the last 2 months). 
If you want to sew and don't know how the best way to learn would be to ask someone that knows how to sew (and that has a sewing machine) to teach you. Pick a simple project and go for it.  If you are a little shy you can try and teach yourself. Patience is a must!
When I made my first quilt I had to ask a friend for help.  I'm so glad I did because I got to talk with her and get to know her better. I just want you to know that I am not a perfect sewer, nor am I super talented.  I pick a project, hope it turns out and try to have fun doing it.
So don't be discouraged there is hope and lots of people willing to help. And who knows you might make a friend along the way.

Happy Sewing!

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