Monday, October 11, 2010


Apparently there is a shortage of canned pumpkin this year because of bad crops last year. Thankfully I still have a few cans from last year and haven't had the need to use them. But it got me thinking about making my own pumpkin puree and I decided I was going to make a pumpkin pie totally from scratch. Yesterday I made the pumpkin puree and it was so easy! I used a sugar pumpkin since they are smaller and better for making pies. I might try using a regular pumpkin as well to compare the flavor and texture. I also saved the seeds so that I can bake them and munch on them while studying! (Pictures coming soon!)


I realized I've been posting mostly crafts and sewing stuff so here are some things about food! A few of my favorite food websites are:
Cheeky Kitchen

Food Network

Another thing about food. David and I like to make our food from scratch whenever possible and making meals from fresh ingredients. Baking from scratch and making whole foods is so much better than buying packaged foods. You can control what you put into the final product. Plus it has so much more flavor and you are buying and making food from what's in season. I do love fruits and vegetables and I am going to miss all the FRESH produce from the Summer. Time to break out the more hearty vegetables and fruits: apples, squashes, pumpkins, potatoes etc.

Skirt completed!

The skirt I have been making is finally finished! I wore it to church yesterday. Above is the picture of me in my outfit. (Excuse the bathroom clutter behind me, this was the only way I could get a picture of me close up in the skirt...I need to find the tripod so I can use our nice SLR camera.)

Kids Crafts

Homemade by Jill is one of my favorite websites. She is so creative. Here are a few things she's done that I like:

Make your own molded crayons
Home made play kitchen
Another Home Made Play Kitchen
Play Kitchen Inspirations
Felt Playhouse