Monday, September 27, 2010

Quiet Book/Toys for Kids

I love the these tutorials for making toys for kids. One day I hope to make them:

Kitchen with felt food
Felt Playhouse
Car playmat

I have started making a quiet book and need to continue making it. The whole reason behind a quiet book for me is to give my kids something to play with while in church so that they aren't disruptive, and also so that they can learn. I've come up with a few myself by printing off outlines of the alphabet and numbers to use as a pattern. Here are a few blogs that have patterns and tutorials I found helpful and fun ideas:

Quiet Book
-homemade by jill
Quiet Book- Oopsey Daisy
Quiet Book- Nap Time Journal
Quiet Book with LDS pages- Mule 'n Nag Crafts
Quiet Book Pages
Quiet Book- Camille's Casa
Quiet Book- Leafy Tree Top Spot
Quiet Book- Oopsey Daisy
Quiet Book- Serving Pink Lemonade
Quiet Book Pages- My Taylor Made
Quiet Book Pages- How to Make a Quiet Book

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